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Territory: World (Exception for Québec)

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The company dedicates itself to the creation of percussive dance shows for a young and general audiences since 2005. In the beginning, artistic director Sylvie Mercier stoot out from her peers by creating a unique style based on a combination of South African gumboots dance, Québécois jig and contemporary dance. Stimulated by the powerful symbolism of uniting these percussive dances, Mercier then sought to find the link between these rhythmic dances despite the geographic distance that separates them. Following her major breakthrough choreography Chantier (2013), she created works that were infused with social engagement, awareness and solidarity. Many other traditions - vocal, percussive, dance (body percussion, First Nations dances) - were added to her choreographic language and her repertoire. 



*This show is unavailable for touring at the moment


With this show for young audiences, the company propels the spectator deep down into the fascinating world of mining. We discover gumboots, a South African percussive dance developed by miners that is executed by slapping large black rubber boots and how that dance shapes their lives underground.


Bourask takes this choreography to a whole new level by adding body percussion, slapstick, gromolo (invented sonorous language) as well as clown play acting. In 50 minutes, through snapshots, children will follow the lives of four workers and dance to the rhythm of their tools. 

The audience will also discover their boss Bossbottes, a real pain in the butt, who will nevertheless become a funny and clumsy playmate. 


Length : 50 minutes

Target Audience: 5 to 12 and family


Félicitations à l'équipe de spectacle ! Vraiment tout le personnel et les élèves ont beaucoup apprécié le spectacle ! Ce fût tout un succès ! Les élèves m'en parlent encore. Merci beaucoup ! Je désirerais que cet évènement soit renouvelé une autre année."

Nancy Dargis

École de L'Épervière