WORLD MUSIC,  kora & harp | Senegal & Wales
Hinna-Djulo - Soar
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- "Best Group" - BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards - 2019

- "Best Fusion Album" - Songlines Music Awards - 2019

- "Album of the Year" - fRoots Critics Poll - 2018

- "Best Transregional Album of the Year" -  Transglobal World Music Charts - 2018


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Drawing deep on their own diverse traditions and transforming them with remarkable synergy, Catrin and Seckou have built a formidable reputation for their extraordinary performances over the past five years. Entrancing, mesmeric, intricate and ethereal, this critically acclaimed and multi award-winning collaboration between two adventurous virtuoso musicians delivers a stunning exhibition of world-class musicianship and a thrilling live experience. A very equal paring of musical talent with huge respect for each other, their joyful championing and celebration of their cultures and differences has a real resonance with their audiences. 


Black, white, girl, boy, different cultures, different musical disciplines, Wales, Senegal. In this project, there are differences aplenty. 

​But musically, Catrin and Seckou soar as one.


SOAR takes flight on the wings of the osprey, the magnificent bird of prey recently returned to Wales after centuries of absence, which makes its annual 3,000-mile migration from the coasts of West Africa to the estuaries of Wales, soaring like music over man-made borders, on its innate and epic journey of endurance.


SOAR explores themes of migration, and journeys – both emotional and physical, and continues the duo’s intrepid exploration and celebration of the parallels and differences between their two instruments, the Welsh harp and the kora, and cultures.


This is music with a huge emotional resonance and a remarkable synergy, a seemingly unlikely marriage between the cultures of Wales and Senegal which has resulted in the most serendipitous of unions.


Welsh traditional melodies mix effortlessly with Mandinka staples, with hypnotic improvisations from both in an exhilarating and playful set which leaps over cultural barriers, roaming freely in borderless musical territory.


They are now one of the most popular world music acts of this decade."

Tim Cumming


Hypnotic and ethereal, SOAR is a unique marriage of cultures."

Neil Spencer

The Observer

This ingenious duo have let fly with their second set and released a remarkable album of such texture and prowess that at points its scope, concentrated into the workings of two masters of their instruments, takes the breath away. The pacing, structure, packaging and context, including inspired liner notes from Andy Morgan, is all impeccable and it all combines to result in a truly inspired, beautifully conceived project."

Glenn Kimpton

Folk Radio UK



Clychau Dibon
Clychau Dibon




Hinna-Djulo - Soar
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Yama Ba - Soar
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Cofiwch Dryweryn - Soar
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