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Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils is a young contemporary jig dance company working with professional artists that are different and marginalized (Williams syndrome, Asperger syndrome, X fragile syndrome). Human being is the heart of each creation and the company wishes to build a link with the audience, offering sincere and touching work, always wanting to bring life and authenticity on stage


In the core of Maï(g)wenn et les Oreils’ artistical approach lies the human being. Every piece is created with great intuition using the performers’ life experience, their backgrounds and the relation that grows between them and the choreographer as unique material to create a sensitive and genuine dance work, always aiming to bring vitality and authenticity on stage. 


Every creation aims to be a questionning, a reflection on a specific theme (fears, bullying, rejection, sexuality, etc.) but always put in the perspective of our relation to difference and normality. The spectator is called to think and to arouse questionings and reflections on the perception which it has of itself and the other one.


Each piece is a way to establish a personal contact with the audience, taking them where they least expect it and surprising them with a narrative and choreographical approach without any detours and very upfront. The playful and unpretentious approach of the company towards creation gives to every piece a truly raw and organic aesthetic without looking for movement perfection, but more for the authenticity and the truth in it.


The gesture, developed throughout the different stages of the artistic process leads to a gig which presence is not unjustified. As well as the theatrical interventions, the gig becomes a necessary language in itself which clarifies the relation between the performers and reflects their particularities and differences. 

  • Prix Peter-Zwack 2013 pour l'intégration d'une personne autiste dans un contexte de travail professionnel.

  • Prix Coup de pouceVue sur la Relève 2013 décerné par le Studio Bizz pour Six pieds sur terre

  • 4 Prix Coups de poucesFestival Vue sur la Relève 2012. Dans ta tête. Merci à Diagramme gestion culturelle, à la Salle Désilet, à l'Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme et au Cirque du Soleil d'encourager la relève artistique.

  • Sélection à Parcours Danse 2012 et 2013 avec l'appui de La danse sur les routes du Québec au Festival Vue sur la Relève.


This creation, above all, wishes to contribute to the taboos’ abolition around handicapped people and their sexuality. These people who eat, sleep, laugh and cry just like anyone neurotypical, which means without a diagnosis, scarcely have access to a normal sexual life. To forbid someone to make love would be just like denying his human nature. Gabrielle has Williams syndrome, Anthony has Asperger and Roxanne fragile X syndrome. The work probes these three individuals in the deep of their intimacy in order to bring up their desires and frustrations. 

Avec pas d’cœur (With no heart), brings a luminous look on intimacy and the right to have access to it, wether we are living with a handicap or not. Combining gig, contemporary dance and singing, the performers filled with their own experiences and unveiling multiple aspects of their intimacy, manage to claim in the most uninhibited, joyful and unleashed way their right to love and its most natural and carnal expression. A fragile and shivering dance work.


Par des soupirs d’abandon, les interprètes apportent rythme, couleur et musicalité à leurs pas de gigue. Entre douceur des gestes et trépignements traduisant colère et frustration, la chorégraphie prend vie au tempo du parcours semé d’embûches d’une sexualité réprimée et refoulée. Tantôt repoussés et bousculés, tantôt caressés avec tendresse, les interprètes portent dans leur corps cette dualité entre désir et répression qui les enchaîne malgré eux à une forme d’autocensure. "

Mélanie Carpentier

Le Devoir



Maïgwenn Desbois



Maïgwenn Desbois

Gabrielle Marion-Rivard

Anthony Dolbec

Roxane Charest Landry

Sound Track

Chloé Lacasse



Simon Deraspe

* Regular Audiences also available (high school)


for teenages 12 to 17 years old


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