Chanson pour John - Doolin'
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- "Official Selection" - Folk Alliance 2019
- Nomination "World Music Album of the Year" - Victoires de la musique 2017


Territory: Canada

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Doolin’ is an Irish music group whose name derives from the little village of musical fame in south-west Ireland. Born in 2005 from an encounter between seven accomplished musicians, from its inception Doolin’ have perfected a mixture of novel musical genres. Whilst some of the band were immersed in the world of traditional Irish music, and others were active in the jazz scene or in the pop rock wave of the eighties and nineties, they found a common love in traditional Irish music. 


From ballads to furiously fast jigs, from their own compositions to traditional tunes, Doolin’ offers a rich palette of sound. From the intimate atmosphere of an Irish pub to the spectacle of the concert stage, this sextet has been support act to major names such as Altan, Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes and Mairtín O’Connor. Members of Doolin’ have played with Carlos Nuñez and Dan Ar Braz and the major Irish flute player Desi Wilkinson (De Dannan, Cran) have rejoined the group for a tour in 2006. Habitués of prestigious venues where they seduce the audience by their unassailable energy, this French group plays homage to Irish music throughout France and Europe.

French in origin – though easily mistaken for Irish musicians – this sextet (guitar, bodhrán, violin, tin whistle, accordion/vocals, bass) brings a fresh approach to Irish music. Inspired by the purest tradition, Doolin’ combines instrumentals, vocals and original compositions in a resolutely modern style. The arrangements, at times taking their inspiration from pop-rock, folk, jazz, funk or even rap (and always in the best taste), emit great energy.

That’s Doolin’ – Irish music with a French touch!


Their last opus Doolin' is one of the freshest and most exciting Celtic records of the year. Recorded in Nashville (Tennessee) in collaboration with legendary Irish guitarist John Doyle (Solas), the group achieve a sound uniquely their own deeply rooted in traditional Celtic music but wonderfully flavoured with French chanson, American roots music and even hip hop straight from the streets of Paris.


Their musicianship is nothing to sneer at as well, strong guitar and wicked whistle compliment unique fiddle, bass and accordion. Love the blend and spent the first couple of listens with the extensive liner notes in my hand for quick reference. Superb recording quality to top it all off."

John Baker

Irish American News

This is a solid band instrumentally; somewhere between Lunasa and Capercaillie with an odd twist into Stocktons Wing territory [...] Doolin is an intriguing, eclectic and accomplished outfit, as is this album – hear it ASAP."

John O'Reagan

The Living Tradition

And to our knowledge, there hasn’t been a band come out of France that plays, that honors the tradition of Irish Music as much as Doolin’ does, and at the same time they bring their own twist to it."

Garry West

Compass Records



Live in Lorient
Live in Lorient


Popcorn Behaviour
Popcorn Behaviour




Chanson Pour John - Doolin'
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