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Virtual shows and cultural mediation content produced by La Trame (music, dance and storytelling) for the general public and school audiences.

La Trame was created as a digital recording and broadcasting project specially designed to support the creation of artists working in niche disciplines.


To set up this new part of the agency, Résonances has surrounded itself with partners specialized in audiovisual (Goba Studio and Authentika Productions) and artists who are technicians in light and sound. For the first phase of the project, shootings with artists from the agency's catalog will take place from July 2020 to March 2021, in addition to special collaborations during the year.

Complete and detailed repertoire available in winter 2022 - Contact-us for more détails

A personalized approach to enhance your digital content.

At the service of broadcasters and artists.

The second phase is under construction and consists in offering the webcasting and video on demand service to the agency's artists, but to the entire artistic community. Its redeployment has the following objectives:


  • To offer virtual broadcast alternatives to presenters;

  • To foster disciplinary development;

  • Increase the scope of audience development in times of pandemic;

  • To support the presenter who wishes to program artists from nested disciplines in their risk-taking.


On the La Trame webcasting platform, the public can access live and recorded broadcasts of the repertoire. Audiences will be able to purchase tickets and reserve seats via La Trame and view the shows directly from this platform. Resonances makes it easier for fans of artistic discoveries to appreciate the talent of our artists!

Available in winter 2022 - Contact-us for more details

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