Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium

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Mad River - Légèrement
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Voilà la rose - Légèrement
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Dans les voyages - Légèrement
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Folk at its core and endowed with a great affection for detail, the Montreal-based band evolves gracefully without following the prescribed recipe of its era. Halfway between tradition and modernity, Rosier takes over an audacious approach where traditional songs become the intimate accomplice of well-crafted indie pop.

Bilingual, feminist and feminine to the four fifths, the band marches to a beat of its own while alternating between both French and English languages, between acoustic and electric soundscapes, all this to fulfill the colors and fresh flavours to which it aspires. With a compelling collection of music under its belt and hundreds of thousands of plays on streaming platforms, the ten-handed music
project is set on a clear direction: one where the unheard meets the existing, and stories passed down from generation to generation are rejuvenated with a contemporary twist. There is beauty in Rosier’s lovemade confessions; so much it might even make one shiver.