- New EP - Rosier
- « Official Showcase » - Folk Alliance 2019
- Nomination for a « Prix Opus » - Conseil québécois de la musique 2019
Vie Pénible - Rosier
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Folk music reminds us of where we came from and informs us about where we’re going –– or at least that’s the bracing ethos of Montreal-based band Rosier. Reclaiming and interpreting the romantic traditions of Québécois folk, the bilingual band was born from a place of living heritage which created a unique bond unlike any other; the quintet evolved together musically and individually, immersed in generations of story and song yet influenced by the world around them.


The quintet has performed in major cities and small towns in Canada, USA, Europe, UK, Australia, New-Zealand and Africa, amassing impressive international experience.  They take us on a voyage into their universe through original compositions, sophisticated arrangements, harmonic progressions and reinvented traditions.


‘’Rosier’s music is rich with the wisdom of times long gone, all the while retaining the dynamism of the new era and staying connected to its energy.’’ 

– Atwood Magazine, 2019


En attendant la prochaine tournée de Rosier, le premier extrait du EP éponyme de Rosier, intitulé « Vie pénible », est un clin d’œil mélancolique à la jeunesse et à l’inévitable passage du temps. Voix planantes aux accords nuancés et mélodies cycliques enveloppent l’auditeur dans un lieu de dépaysement et d’exploration, rappelant les difficultés qui accompagnent la découverte de son vrai soi. « C’est la première chanson traditionnelle (québécoise) à laquelle on s’identifie tous profondément » explique le groupe, qui célèbre cette année son dixième anniversaire.


Complexities are revealed throughout this range of brave contemporary takes on traditional folk songs whether from Québec, Brittany or Louisiana. Each track is a story in itself set to skilled arrangements that soar and weave with a timeless beauty while sweet melodies interplay with the unexpected rhythmic and instrumental verve of jazz

Wendy Scott

Songlines Magazine

This is by some distance the most engaging album to reach these ears so far this year.

Vic Smith

fRoots Magazine

Les Poules à Colin are attracted to Quebec’s darker folk songs. And while they profess a healthy respect for the tradition, they are not averse to stretching its boundaries to the ‘creepy’ side of things.

Tony Montague

Penguin Eggs

Vie pénible - Rosier (Éponyme)
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You Behind - Rosier (Éponyme)
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Laissez-moi - Rosier (Éponyme)
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