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Tuque et Capuche is a nucleus of performing arts around which artists gravitate under the direction of Delphine Véronneau.


The company focuses on contemporary dance, but also utilizes film, theatre, and music, offering a unique artistic approach that allows artists and spectators to meet on a bridge of emotion and reflection.


The singularity of Tuque et Capuche is based on the inclusion of different forms of performing art in its creations, allowing for a broad-based dialogue with the public and privileged access to the very heart of the creation and its creators.

Drawing from several years of research, collaborations, and creations, Tuque et Capuche oversees several projects with the constant desire to look critically at its own practice and to honour the oldest function of art; sharing.

A documentary about creative process, followed by a live performance

Bloom, the project, is a documentary about the creative process followed by a live performance, the stage result of this documented process.


This evening allows the spectator to live all that the creative process has to offer, from the very beginnings of an idea, to the artistic work around this idea, and finally to discover, on stage, the culminating result.

The film

Bloom, a documentary on the creative process

40 minutes

As the images unfold, the viewer is transported back and forth between the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland and the studio where four artists are hard at work. Finding inspiration in the four elements of nature, and combining different artistic disciplines, Liane Thériault (dancer), Nicolas Des Alliers (musician), Cassandre Émanuel (writer) and Delphine Véronneau (choreographer) work together to find the heart and soul of an eventual performance piece. Under the guidance of Delphine Véronneau, the artists dig deep to find their paths, constantly veering off in many directions, questioning themselves at every turn, all the while leaving the door open to spontaneity, allowing body and soul to be swept away by the intensity of that creative moment when all is possible. What is tested in the studio is rapidly explored in the fields, beaches, mountains, and in a pub in order to discover how a given piece might transform within a certain environment.


The unique constancy and heart of Delphine's work is to offer the spectator different pathways to access the same emotion.

followed by...

The show

Bloom, when fire takes

20 minutes

The curtain rises and, in the flesh, is the stage version of the team's work around the element of fire explored in the different environments that Ireland has to offer. It is an impulse, a motor, a mantra to the act of creation that pushes things forward, that provokes, that beats constantly and tears at one’s soul. Fire is action. To each human their own internal rhythm. Upon contact with another, two rhythms, two drives collide, clash, come to life, and at times, unite. Through the fear of burning too fast, of losing oneself, or of committing, Bloom, when the fire hits, offers the viewer the opportunity to enter the fire that stirs the human race. This inner drive that can illuminate and carry the gesture. This inner drive that can burn everything and leave its prey breathless, dismantled. Fire is passion. When you love. When you want it. When you go for it.


Who hasn't already felt the fire within?



guitarist and composer

Nicolas Des Alliers

writer and actress

Cassandre Émanuel


Liane Thériault


dancer and actor

Simon Fournier

choreographer and musician

Delphine Véronneau




Delphine Véronneau and Liane Thériault


Philippe Meunier


Philippe Meunier and Liane Thériault


Liane Thériault

sound mixing

Robert Éthier


Gilda Boffa, Jordan Herbert, Pierre Minn


Louis-Gabriel Pothier

color correction

Liane Thériault

artistic direction

Delphine Véronneau