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À propos

Résonances was launched in 2016. It provides many services, such as booking, production and career management. 


Dynamic, professional and known world-wide, Marjorie Deschamps, Noémie Azoulay and Yaëlle Azoulay join forces to cultivate the artistic community of Quebec.

​The Agency represents many artists, dance companies and music groups from Quebec and abroad, recognized both locally and internationally. With its musical offer, Résonances specializes in folk and traditional music, all the while ensuring the visibility of artists in various genres: pop, jazz, electro and hip-hop.

The dance offer of the agency welcomes artistic initiatives that promote percussive dance—notably the Québécois jig—that celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusion and mediation, always with a fresh and current approach. The company also offers five productions that are youth- and family-oriented in various disciplines (music, dance, storytelling, street theatre).

To help their artists shine, Résonances team takes part in many national and international showcases. Their knowledge of the performing arts allows them to constantly renew their strategies in order to position artists at the forefront of every market.

Résonances is a member of: Agences des arts de la scène/Performing Arts Agencies Canada (AASPAA), La Danse sur les routes, Folk Alliance International et BC Touring. 





In order to stay abreast of new developments and market trends, but especially to meet the actors of the performing arts in general and music in particular, Resonances participates in many conferences throughout the year.

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