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El Gato Rumbero - El Gato y los Rumberos
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- New EP - El Gatos y Los Rumberos
- Nomination "World Music Album of the year"- ADISQ 2020
- "World Music Album of the year" - JUNO Awards 2016 
- "World Music Album of the year" - ADISQ 2016
- Nomination for "World Music Album of the year" - JUNO Award 2019


Territory: Canada

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Boogát is a multi award winning Canadian-Mexican musician from Québec who mixes Hip-Hop with Latin music like Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton and more… The son of immigrant parents from Paraguay and Mexico, he was born in Québec City and raised in Beauport Beach. In 2001, he moved to Montreal where his career started.

Singing first in French, Boogát moved to Spanish after playing with the electronic music producer Poirier and the Latin music group Roberto Lopez Project; discovering a new world of possibilities that opened the way to collaborate with artists such as El Dusty, Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, G-Flux, Cut Chemist, La Yegros, Uproot Andy, Lido Pimienta, Supersan, Mati Zundel, Kid Koala, Schlachthofbronx, Pierre Kwenders, Radio Radio and El Remolon, amongst others.

In 2013 he released ”El Dorado Sunset”, his first Spanish album. The album won two Félix Awards for ”Best World Music Album” and ”Producer of the Year”. Since then he has been touring Canada, USA, México, Argentina, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and Spain.

In 2015 he released ”Neo-Reconquista wich won both a Félix and a Juno Award for ”Best World Music Album” in 2016. ”San Cristóbal Baile Inn”, which includes collaborations with Andrés Oddone, Frikstailers, Miss Bolivia, Niña Dioz and Lemon Bucket Orchestra, was released in 2017. And a new EP "El Gato y Los Rumberos" is now available.


Boogát gives us the image of a new Quebec, plural, rich, with multiple influences. Really, it stands out in the musical landscape by the originality of its proposal in Spanish and French with a modern show that moves and dances all audiences, regardless of age, nationality and cultural background.   


Boogát performs on stage accompanied by his musicians in a sober staging that leaves room for music and interaction with the audience. Amplified formula: Electric guitar, trombone, drums, percussion, voice and electronic sequences. In acoustic formula: guitar, guitar, muted trombone, cajón and voice.





Mucho Love takes you away with the festive euphoria of a modern Latin American carnival where the bass is queen, digital sounds are king and Boogat's rapid fire delivery is the jack. 

A different setlist and unique show every night taken from a repertoire where original material, mash-ups & remixes mingle in a copy+paste pace typical of our era. 

  • Electric guitar, trombone, drum, percussions, voices and digital sequences.

  • 4 or 5 musicians formula, perfect for big outdoor scene and really festive atmosphere.




Salón de Bal takes you back to a 1940's Latin American cabaret where the love for old music and the desire for modernity intertwine into an immigrant dance marked by the respect of traditions and the spirit of innovation. 

Mixes Latin Hip-Hop with traditional Latin American music. 100% original material, entirely inspired by the sound of the 20's to the 60's and rearranged for the occasion. 

  • Guitar, guitarele, trombone, cajón and voice.

  • 8 or 5 musicians, perfect for seated audience and auditorium.


This Quebec rapper’s fourth album is an impressive, edgy blend of hip-hop, cumbia, reggaeton and other styles, seamlessly blending a variety of programmed and live instrumentation to accompany Boogát’s forceful rapping."

Don Yates


Neo-Reconquista is well produced, and presents Boogát as an artist who has long moved past being known simply as a “Spanish-language rapper from Quebec” and who has committed to a more textured artistic evolution and genre-agnostic growth."

Ryan B. Patrick

Exclaim - Toronto, CANADA

The Boogát experience is usually a non-stop party, and “El Lobo” fully meets those expectations. But even the best party can’t shield you from the harshness of life sometimes. “El Lobo” demonstrates that there’s more to Boogát than just a good time."

Marcos Hassan

Remezcla - New York City, USA

El Gato Rumbero - El Gato y los Rumberos
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Piel de Crocodrilo - El Gato y los Rumberos
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Sabes muy bien - San Cristóbal Baile Inn
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El Gato y los Rumberos
El Gato y los Rumberos


San Cristóbal Baile Inn
San Cristóbal Baile Inn


El Dorado Sunset
El Dorado Sunset


El Gato y los Rumberos
El Gato y los Rumberos



MUCHO LOVE (amplifié): Guitare électrique, trombone, batterie, percussions, voix et séquences électroniques.

Formule à 4 ou 5 musiciens, idéal pour grandes scènes extérieures et ambiance très festive.

SALÓN DE BAL (acoustique): Guitare, guitarele, trombone à sourdine, cajón et voix.

Formule à 8 musiciens ou réduit en quintette, idéal pour public assis, salle intérieure.