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Tenant mon frère (avec Alphonse Morneau, 1946) - Archives
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Dessus la fougère (avec Joseph Larade, 1957) - Archives
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Complainte du coureur des bois (ave Benoît Benoît, 1957) - Archives
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ARCHIVES - All ages


Archives is the new project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Cédric Dind-Lavoie, a show that marries folklore archives with ambient and introspective music. 


For the occasion, the musician reappropriates old treasures found through passionate research, a selection of songs and instrumental tunes from the 40's and 50's drawn from the collections of folklorists Simonne Voyer, Roger Matton and Luc Lacourcière. He then accompanies them, mainly on the piano, enriching them with a modern and intimate musical setting.

He is also supported on stage by the fiddler and multi-instrumentalist Dâvi Simard who, while openly turned towards sound exploration of all kinds (as evidenced by his soundtracks with the Alfonse circus), brings a strong anchoring in the traditional codes.


The two of them finally form a trio with the archive station that plays these relics of the past in real time, sometimes directly on reel-to-reel or vinyl, thus echoing the original recording methods. This scenic addition allows the listener to enter even more into communion with these tradition bearers, all magnified by the sensitive work of scenographer Karine Gauthier.


The result is a highly poetic show that, rather than falling into a simple nostalgic exercise, reveals these archives in a new light, as if the two musicians had been able to slip through the cracks of time to meet these voices and their stories to accompany them.




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