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Les quatre roses

With the experience gained with the tour of the first album, the young group presents a brand-newshow around the theme of the rose. The three musicians offer daring and refined arrangements of pieces from the traditional Quebec and Acadian repertoire, as well as original compositions. A show where voices intertwine through songs of impossible loves. The impressive playing of the violin, Irish bouzouki and cello is breathtaking, not to mention the complicity of the overflowing performers.

Drawing from their backgrounds in classical, jazz and traditional Quebecois music, Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette and Élisabeth Giroux have come together in 2015 to create a new and exciting group. The instrumentation of their unique and modern sonority consists of fiddle, cello, bouzouki, voice, foot-tapping and step dancing. É.T.É’s performances and creations are dynamic and modern! No matter where they go, audiences appreciate their amazing energetic style, performance complicity and their up-to-date musical style.

Les quatre roses (full show)

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