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Bloom the movie

Through a flow/series of images, the viewers are transported back and forth between the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland and the studio where four artists are at work. Finding inspiration in the four elements of nature, and in combining different artistic disciplines, Liane Thériault (dancer), Nicolas Des Alliers (musician) Cassandre Émanuel (writer) et Delphine Véronneau (choreographer), collaborate in order to find the heart and soul of an eventual performance piece. Under the guidance of Delphine Véronneau, the artists dig deep to find their paths, constantly veering off in many directions, often questioning themselves at every turn, and at the same time leaving the door open to spontaneity while allowing body and soul to be swept away by the intensity of that creative moment when all is possible. What is tested in the studio is rapidly explored in the fields, beaches, mountains, and in a pub in order to discover how a given piece might transform within a certain environment. The only constant, and the heart of Delphine’s work, is the study of all things human behind all works of art.

Bloom the movie (full show)

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