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Cendres d'É.T.É (in french only)

In an innovative and collaborative format, discover an excerpt of the dance theatre play Cendres, accompanied by the trad trio É.T.É.


Survivors of a hellish fire that orphans them, Étienne and his sister Viviane try hard to restart their lives, while, far away, in a land of dreams and beaches, hurricane season is unleashed. Their sister Sophie, returning from a vacation cut short by hurricane Irma, is employed by an insurance company but ignores her entire family tragedy. When she re-appears in the midst of her own burnout after years of absence, she is also like ashes (Cendres), utterly destroyed in front of the parental urn, their house, their previous life. 

The three of them try to re-invent the next steps in their lives. Is it the beginning or the end of the world? 


A smart mix of theatre, contemporary and percussive dance, jigs and traditional complaintessongs, Cendres delves into the territories of hope and dispossession.

Cendres d'É.T.É (full show)

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