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L'Habit de plumes

Experience a sometimes festive, sometimes funny, and often times touching universe of the a cappella vocal quintet Musique à bouches. The vocal ensemble Musique à bouches presents L'habit de plumes, a brand new show that showcases the traditional repertoire of Quebec.


You will learn about the life of the Pauvre Soldat, of the charming Isabeau, of Compère, of the Moine Tremblant, or of the P’tit bonhomme to the rhythms of traditional music.

The feather ("plume") is what allows the bird to go on a trip with the winds. It is also the tool of the lyricist, the defender of free expression. This is what gives singers all they need to sing, express their creativity, their freedom. Whether white or colorful, this feather has joined hundreds of others to allow the five singers to make their own feather dress. 

L'Habit de plumes (full show)

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