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Wutiko - Wutiko
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WUTIKO - All ages


In Wutiko, Élage Diouf addresses with finesse the great themes of life : the quest, the evolution and the destiny of the human being, the love lived and dreamed as well as the approach of death, that unavoidable appointment. A humanist first and foremost, Élage does not hesitate to draw from his personal life to pay tribute to mutual respect. He admires the resilience of human beings and the courage of those who overcome their fears.


In an intimate concert, he will take you on a journey through his world, which skilfully merges the rhythms of his native Senegal with musical influences from all over the world. Those who know Élage will be happy to rediscover his talent and his joie de vivre and for those who don't know him yet, prepare yourself for a musical encounter that will fill your ears and your heart with great happiness.