Les quatre roses - Les quatre roses
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- Nomination Gala Prix Opus 2021 -  "Musique du monde et musique traditionnelle québécoise" ​
- Nomination Gala de l’ADISQ 2020 - Album of the year  "Musique traditionnelle" 
- Winner of "Album trad de l’année" - Gala GAMIQ 2020
- Winner of " Granby-Europe Tour" at Festival international de la chanson de Granby 2019
- Opus Award "Discovery of the Year" - Conseil Québécois de la Musique 2017-2018
- Winner of the Public Award at the Cabaret Festif 2018


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Drawing from their backgrounds in classical, jazz and traditional Quebecois music, Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette and Élisabeth Giroux have come together in 2015 to create a new and exciting group. The instrumentation of their unique and modern sonority consists of fiddle, cello, bouzouki, voice, foot-tapping and step dancing. É.T.É’s performances and creations are dynamic and modern! No matter where they go, audiences appreciate their amazing energetic style, performance complicity and their up-to-date musical style.


With the experience gained with the tour of the first album, the young group presents a brand-newshow around the theme of the rose. The three musicians offer daring and refined arrangements of pieces from the traditional Quebec and Acadian repertoire, as well as original compositions. A show where voices intertwine through songs of impossible loves. The impressive playing of the violin, Irish bouzouki and cello is breathtaking, not to mention the complicity of the overflowing performers.


Every title on this new album boasts a tangible audacity. Élisabeth Giroux, Thierry Clouette and Élisabeth Moquin create a new repertoire while fiercely igniting that of yesteryear. The trio represents the new guard of the trad music."

François Marchesseault

ICI Musique, Radio-Canada

Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette and Élisabeth Giroux together form the band ÉTÉ. This is the wonderfully lively traditional music of Québec, arranged for cello, fiddle, feet and bouzouki. Their showcase was terrific, even though the room was too small for the astounding step dancing that is usually Élisabeth Moquin’s trademark. But even without that, this band makes you sit up and take notice. Gorgeous three-part harmonies and simply excellent arrangements making full use of the cello make this band really outstanding. We thoroughly enjoyed their showcase."

Elizabeth Szekeres

Roots Music Canada

É.T.É. made it's debut at the 27th annual New World Festival this September. This talented and engaging trio was a big hit with our audiences. Their creative arrangements reflect a contemporary vibe without losing the connection to it's traditional roots. Their stage presence is delightful, their vocals are beautiful and Élisabeths dancing is a joy to watch. And when a problem arose at the stage they were to perform on late in the day, they were very gracious and set up on the steps of the venue. So instead of there being a problem, we were treated to a impromptu and beautiful set under the stars. Throughout the Festival process they were a pleasure to work with. I look forward to having Élisabeth, Thierry and Élisabeth, three wonderful people, back again very soon!"

Kevin Dunwoody

The New World Festival, Randolph Vermont

Les quatre roses (2019)
Les quatre roses (2019)

Le boire des minuits (2017)
Le boire des minuits (2017)

Les quatre roses (2019)
Les quatre roses (2019)

Les quatre roses - Les quatre roses
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Le moine Simon - Les quatre roses
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Majeurs et vaccinés - Les quatre roses
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