- "Official Showcase Artist" - Northeast Regional Folk Alliance 2017
- "Vocal group of the year" - Canadian Folk Music Awards 2016
- Nomination "Vocal group of the year" - Canadian Folk Music Awards 2020
- Nomination "Traditional album of the year" - ADISQ 2016
Les filles des cantons - L'Habit de plumes
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Les Filles des Cantons - L'Habit de Plumes
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Five male voices, firmly established as leaders in a cappella arrangements accompanied by rhythmical foot tapping, join together in a vibrant blend of harmonies. 


Musique à bouches explore traditional repertoire and take you on a voyage through traditionnel québécois as well as European traditional songs and folk singalongs. With a broad set of songs, ranging from drinking songs, love songs and those of sailors,


Musique à bouches have toured extensively throughout Quebec, United States and France for over fifteen years and are the proud recipients of the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA) – Vocal Group of the Year Award.


The brotherhood that drives this quintet sends shivers of happiness when their five voices are in perfect harmony.

Folk acapella lovers of all ages are delighted by their cheery personalities and joyful singing that comes straight from the heart. Let yourself be carried away by their warm voices and explore each musical nuance and atmosphere!


The vocal ensemble Musique à bouches presents L'habit de plumes, a brand new show that showcases the traditional repertoire of Quebec.

The feather ("plume") is what allows the bird to go on a trip with the winds. It is also the tool of the lyricist, the defender of free expression. This is what gives singers all they need to sing, express their creativity, their freedom. Whether white or colorful, this feather has joined hundreds of others to allow the five singers to make their own feather dress. 


You are now invited to wear yours to meet all these characters that will be told through a cappella songs rich in vocal harmonies, but also rich in stories. Take flight in the sometimes festive, sometimes humorous and sometimes moving universe of the vocal quintet Musique à bouches and come to learn more about the life of the Poor Soldier ("Pauvre soldat"), Compère, the charming Isabeau, the trembling Monk ("Moine tremblant") or the Little Man ("Petit bonhomme"). Under a beautiful pen hide characters of all kinds. We dress in pen to have a greater possibility to fly, to live the freedom...


The chosen repertoire turns out to be a balanced mix of laments, drinking songs, spicy texts and stories of priests, sailors and thugs. For all tastes ... and parties."

Steve Begeron

Le Tribune

Here, one draws in Estrie or in Europe franco, as well as in the repertoire of the "Alliance des chorales du Quebec". To remember, a panoply of beautiful vocal techniques."

Yves Bernard

Le Devoir

A real pleasure! The voices are so beautiful! A remarkable team work."

Marie-Claude Veilleux

Radio-Canada "C'est pas trop tôt en Estrie"

L'habit de plumes
L'habit de plumes


Jusqu'aux oreilles
Jusqu'aux oreilles


Musique à bouches en spectacle
Musique à bouches en spectacle


L'habit de plumes
L'habit de plumes


Les filles des cantons - L'habit de plumes
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L'habit de plumes - L'habit de plumes
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Ma mie - L'habit de plumes
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