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AL BADIL | Tunisia

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Territory: Canada

Al Badil - The Cultural Alternative is an association created in 2017 by the choreographer Selim Ben Safia.  


Al Badil works between Tunis and the rest of the world for the promotion and democratization of art and culture in Tunisia. 

It was initiated out of a desire to offer the Tunisian public and artists other cultural and artistic alternatives, thus widening the scope of cultural actions throughout the Tunisian territory.  



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El Botinière



SYMOPSIS - El Botinière

Creation 2022   |   6 Dancers   |   55 min.

El Botinière, the name of a mythical cabaret in the city center of Tunis, is a choreographic piece that shows you the hidden side of Tunisian nightlife. 

Through a simple and sober setting, I would like to take you on a journey into a world where joy, sadness, love, hatred, suffering, misery, desires, and life are intertwined. 

6 Tunisian dancers will share the stage.


6 dancers, 6 characters, 6 lives, and 6 stories. 

Different from each other, each character will take you on his nightlife journey through cabarets and inebriation, but also in a toxic and sordid world covered by a patriarchal and schizophrenic Arab-Muslim society.


El botinière will uncover the inside of the Cabaret: this sacred space soaked with lust where those who do not dare show themselves in broad daylight wander. It will also show different theatrical scenes through a disproportionate and immoderate dance that projects images toward another dimension.

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