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Le Match d'impro de gigue, a flexible and versatile event | Holiday tour under construction

After a successful tour of Quebec, the CAM en tournée, and an upcoming presentation at La Tohu as part of the Nuit blanche de Montréal en lumières, the Match d'impro de gigue is causing a sensation with its playful, versatile and flexible nature!

A concept by Jonathan C. Rousseau, created by BIGICO, it's a must for the holiday season, and a tour is currently under construction.

The Match d'impro de gigue brings together professional jiggers to put on a show. Risk-taking and rhythmic complexity are the order of the day, making for an exhilarating show. The success of this match lies in the diversity of the improvisations, the conviviality and the virtuosity of its artists.

Accompanied by a traditional musician, two teams compete in short improvisations over two thirty-five minute periods. And the audience votes for the best performances! An event that can be held indoors or outdoors at a festival!

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