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Mundial Montréal | Official Showcase for La Déferlance & Simon Denizart | Tina Leon at OFF

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Many of the artists who have recently joined the agency are included in the Mundial Montréal program, which runs from November 14 to 17, 2023. Our agent and co-director Noémie Azoulay will be on hand to represent all our artists and take part in the activities.

La Déferlance in official showcase with Le feu aux poudres | La Déferlance offers a refreshingly colorful trad. The repertoire includes not only lively tunes and purely traditional songs arranged in the La Déferlance style, but also many entirely original compositions.

Nov. 15, 2.30pm | Official showcase Le feu aux poudres | Le quai des brumes

Simon Denizart in official showcase with NOMAD | NOMAD is an invitation to travel and a unique encounter between the piano of Simon Denizart and the calabash of virtuoso percussionist Elli Miller Maboungou..

Nov. 17, 3.30pm | Official showcase NOMAD | MAI/SON

Tina Leon will be part of Nuit Groovy Night as part of the event OFF Mundial Montréal with Ramon Chicharron, Papagroove and Sale Zeck. An evening that promises to groove!

17 nov, 18h30

Bar Le Ritz, 179 Jean-Talon Ouest, Mtl

Contact and infos:

Noémie Azoulay | 514-884-2982


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