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Updated: May 3, 2023

Genticorum | Au coeur de l'aube

Genticorum, one of the most distinctive voices of Québécois traditional music today, is celebrating the release of their 11th album, ‘Le coeur de l’aube’.

In French, to describe the chemistry between people, you say they have atomes crochus—literally, that their atoms are interlaced. There’s no better way to talk about Genticorum. The trio’s connection is magnetic. In the filigree of their arrangements, seamlessly melding fiddle, flute, accordion, guitar, foot percussion, and voices, there’s always an organic spark.

Founded in 2000, when fiddler Pascal Gemme and guitarist Yann Falquet met in Montréal’s trad scene, Genticorum quickly earned international recognition for bringing out all the poetry and nuance of French Canada’s old songs and dance tunes. In 2015, Ottawa native Nicholas Williams added his flute and accordion to the mix, replacing flutist and bass player Alexandre DeGrosbois.

Their compositions have become beloved standards at dances and sessions, their approach influencing peers and younger musicians alike. They’ve won Canadian Folk Music Awards and performed everywhere from Scotland to Malaysia, Egypt to Australia. With impeccable musicianship and infectious joie de vivre, Genticorum is bound to draw you in.



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