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New! | Consulting services for artists open to the community (music, dance, storytelling) from the end of January

Updated: Jan 22

The agents at Résonances are available to offer à la carte consultations for artists in the music, dance and storytelling sectors. Each 60-minute meeting costs $100 (except for the diagnostic meeting, which lasts 30 minutes and costs $50), and takes place by videoconference. For certain themes, concrete tools (grids, templates, lists, etc.) will be made available to you after the consultation to optimize the practical application of the help provided.


Here are the different consultation themes offered:

1 hour | $100 (applicable taxes):

  • Conference Preparation

  • Development and Positioning

  • Understanding Touring Networks

  • Sales and Promotional tools

  • Budgeting and production

Specific consultation for emerging, up-and-coming or start-up artists is also available.

30 minutes | $50 (applicable taxes):

  • First Diagnostic Meeting

Our music and storytelling agents, Noémie Azoulay, Marjorie Deschamps and Benjamin Massicotte, and our dance agent, Yaëlle Azoulay, will be available from January 31, 2024, according to their respective schedules. Consultations will be available on our booking platform, and artists will be able to select the time slot of their choice with the agent of their choice if desired.

Visit our booking page for more details.


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