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Pacific Contact | 2 official showcases and 2 pitches

Updated: Apr 5

Benjamin Massicotte will be at Pacific Contact 2024 representing all our artists from April 10 to 14 in Kelowna, British Columbia.

He will be joined by the dance company Fleuve | Espace Danse and Jacques-Denis Poulin of Grand Poney to present their work in an official showcase.


Marée noire | In Situ

Inspired by the impact of an oil spill on the seas and marine ecosystems, Marée noire brings together two captive marine goddesses of the Great Oil Spill.

Grand Poney | Punch Line

In this fast-paced, tragi-comic monologue, Jacques Poulin-Denis talks to us, rambles and gets bogged down. Through stories and anecdotes filled with delightful irony, shrewdness and gentle folly, he reveals himself.


Tina Leon | Push & Pull

Tina Leon invites us to join her on a colorful journey of soul, RnB and funk rhythms and rich, haunting melodies.

Sussex | Shine

Original compositions and classic American songs, interspersed with anecdotes, the Shine show is a new stage in Sussex's extraordinary musical journey to the heart of American music.


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