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Territory: World

Sinha Danse is a professional contemporary dance company based in Montreal and founded by Roger Sinha over 25 years ago. Creating, producing, and presenting contemporary dance are the center of the company’s mandates, choreographing with a level of excellence inspired by the Indian cultural heritage of its founder.
Promotion of contemporary dance is of major importance to Sinha Danse, as the richness that can be brought to this discipline using intercultural and multidisciplinary approaches. Music and new technologies are also greatly valued and present in many of its works.






2023 | 40 min. | 4 dancers

Shared Breath is a moving reminder of our essential need to touch. Originally inspired by experiences of the global pandemic, the piece explores the internal states resulting from the isolation and absence of and the resulting renewed ability to transcend solitude and reconnect in new and unexpected ways.

Four dancers wear square skirt-like structures strapped to their waists, symbolizing the socially defined mould of their personal space. The figures twirl tirelessly within their constructions, like modern-day whirling dervishes, all the while adding dynamic, fluid curves to the straight, rigid lines. Defying distance and the absence of touch, striving to make contact contact, the characters finally free themselves, all with a common breath.

Created by an extraordinary artistic team, Shared Breath features the bold choreographic language of Roger Sinha and the original music composed and performed by Of Sound, Mind and Body, featuring Tim

Brady on electric guitar, Helmut Lipsky on violin, and Shawn Mativetsky on Indian tabla and percussion.




2019 | 60 min. | 6 dancers + 2 musicians

Out of Bark and Bone goes back to the essential vital forces that define our humanity and give shape to who we are fundamentally, beyond divisions, affiliations, ethnic groups and cultural identities. Voice, breath and rhythm constitute the canvas of the piece. The constant fleeting interactions between humans, locked up in themselves, bouncing within the limits of their own breath, encircled by others, trying to escape, are driven by the essential need to continually outgrow and emancipate from what was there before, individually or as a group.


Two musicians accompany six dancers on stage in this piece, created by the choreographer Roger Sinha in collaboration with the dancers and composer Katia Makdissi-Warren. The perpetual inner rhythms of the bodies resonate with the deep sound of the didgeridoo and the steady beat of the drums in an effort to strip out the inessential. Humans and instruments communicate, sustained by the breath. Almost otherworldly throat sounds, coming from the depths of bodies, heavy with ancestry, get intertwined with the rhythmic projection of the human speech, fused within in the constant circular tones of the didgeridoo. 

show 3



2021 | 60 min. | 4 dancers + 3 musicians

2M is a choreographic work born out of its creator’s desire to find his bearings through dance in a social universe transformed by the obligation of social distancing. At the origin of the piece, a vision of the performers dressed in long skirts, in square shape - 2 m long on each side. The spatial restrictions that we have been asked to respect since the start of the pandemic have become raw material and inspiration for the choreographer. Four dancers and three musicians translate into music and movement an unprecedented relational and spatial upheaval, deeply touching the intimate interior of beings, transforming the architecture of their living spaces. An unresolved conflict arises between the inner need for closeness and this new type of danger that others represent socially. The music is performed live on stage, by Tim Brady (electric guitar), Helmit Lipsky (violin) and Shawn Metevisky (tabla and percussion).

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