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Caught in a Flood - The Ocean Wide
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The Ocean Wide - The Ocean Wide
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Everything I Wanted - The Ocean Wide
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NEW RIVER - All ages


For the release of their third album, entitled "New River", acolytes Rob Lutes (guitar, banjo, vocals) and Michael Emenau (vibraphone, pianica) enlisted two of Montreal's finest musicians, multi-instrumentalist Joe Grass (Patrick Watson, El Coyote) on pedal steel and virtuoso Morgan Moore (Martha Wainwright, the Barr Brothers, Dawn Tyler Watson) on double bass. This collaboration has enabled them to create a new sound that blends elements of blues and jazz with strains of country, roots and Americana.


Their new concert brings together tracks from their most recent opus plus the best songs from their two previous albums, all in a sober, authentic setting. Original compositions and American classics follow one another in a completely natural way. Punctuated by anecdotes about the origins of the songs, brilliantly told by Rob Lutes, "New River" is another step in the Sussex band's extraordinary musical journey into the heart of American music.