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Internationale Dance Day

We think that it is also and above all the international day of all those passionate people who carry dance in their hearts and at arm's length day after day.

Emmanuel Jouthe | Emmanuel Jouthe - Danse Carpe Diem Jacques Poulin-Denis | Grand Poney Maïgwenn Desbois | Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils Marilyn Daoust et Gabriel Léger-savard | Le temps des fruits Roger Sinha | Sinha Danse Bengt Jörgen | Canada's Ballet Jörgen Ian Yaworski et Philippe Meunier | Les Archipels Chantale Caron | Fleuve-Espace Danse Lük Fleury | Bigico Alexandra 'Spicey' Landé | Ebnflōh Delphine Véronneau | Tuque et Capuche [TeC]

And let's not forget our great dance duo at the agency

Yaelle Azoulay | Dance Director

Maude Filion | Agent

*A nice thought for our super Chantale Gascon who worked so hard for the cause.

As well as all the people who work with these creators, whether they are choreographers, dancers, rehearsal staff, lighting technicians, sound engineers, composers, directors, outside eyes, etc.

Alors on danse? - Stromae


Background photo: Vitor Munhoz (Rachel Carignan, Chorus)

Frames from left to right: Nicolas Gouin (Emmanuel Jouthe - Médiation La Trame) Hugo B. Lefort (Jacque Poulin-Denis) Nicolas Gouin (Maïgwenn Desbois - Médiation La Trame) Julie Artacho (Marilyn Daoust et Gabriel Léger-Savard) Vitor Munhoz (Roger Sinha) Tiré du site de Ballet Jörgen (Bendt Jörgen) Justine Latour (Philippe Meunier et Ian Yaworski) Pilar Macias (Chantale Caron) Nicolas Gouin (Lük Fleury - médiation La Trame) Shaleen Ladha (Alexandra 'Spicey’ Landé) Liane Thériault (Delphine Véronneau)


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