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Since 2005, BIGICO has been stealthily infiltrating the dance landscape as a specialized presenter, performing contemporary jigs, a choreographic language based on the Quebec jig. BIGICO creates unique opportunities to showcase the inventiveness of a fast-growing jig society in the public arena. 


The contemporary jig evening you will attend consists of several short pieces, perfectly designed to satisfy dance enthusiasts. You will be able to discover the magnificent choreographers and performers who are active in the contemporary jig scene in Montreal, and who themselves demonstrate a desire to see this dance continue to resonate in the heart of today's society. 


An Evening of Contemporary Jig is a macédoine of short dance pieces. Like a buffet it is possible to programme the most diverse and accessible choreographies for an avid dance public. The great hunter-gatherers of jig have tracked down all the many historical dialects of the dance and offer them in a scintillating presentation that will have you cheering. 


The contemporary jig adventure offers a wide range of clicking and clacking. Tapping of the foot, of course, but also clapping of the hands and body. The foot is gentle while the whole body becomes the jig. An endless succession of soft, gleeful jerks and a body that explodes in a thousand harmonious movements. The gestures are ample or tiny, the steps hit the ground or not. One thing is certain, the dance is having a great time. It infiltrates unknown areas and offers a very pleasant show. Go see it, especially if you like: the revisited and unstructured jig, discovering unique universes, body and sound rhythmics, discovering the richness of our folklore.”

Robert Boisclair

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