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RIDEAU 2024 | Our artists in official selection + picth (présentation express)

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Our artists shine in the RIDEAU selections again this year! We had already announced the international selection for the AySay trio from Denmark/Turkey, and now we're announcing the official selection for two artists from the agency. Tina Leon in music (Push & Pull) and Ebnflōh in dance (La probabilité du néant) will be showcasing their latest performances this year.

What's more, we've learned that dance company Maï(g)wenn et les orteils will be making an express presentation of their brand-new show Les dauphins et les licornes.


Tina Leon is a singer-songwriter from Montreal who draws her inspiration from the Motown generation and the soul music of recent decades. Having already sung and collaborated with Stevie Wonder, DJ Champion and Garou under the artist name Marie-Christine Depestre, she now appears in a new light, more authentic and full of life than ever.

Ebnflōh Ebnflōh was born of a desire to explore and develop an original, authentic and innovative hip-hop aesthetic and choreographic language. Ebnflōh (pronounced "ébenflo") comes from the English term "ebb and flow", which marks action and reaction, ebb and flow, constancy and change. Fascinated by the psyche, social phenomena and the ways they affect us, artistic director and choreographer Alexandra ’Spicey’ Landé offers a penetrating look at what we're used to seeing on the surface; she creates complex works of great intensity.


In the voice of Luna Ersahin, singer of the AySay, group, lies the story of a singular person in a heterogeneous world. In Turkish, Danish and Kurdish, she creates a fascinating universe accompanied by her musician acolytes Aske Døssing Bendixen and Carl West Hosbond. AySay's unique expression is born of the encounter between the musical traditions of Asia Minor, organic instrumentation and more electronic sounds.


Les dauphins et les licornes (Dolphins and Unicorns) showcases six human beings in total authenticity, thanks to organic, raw gestures devoid of artifice. They occupy the stage at all times, forming an evolving and mutating group tableau, punctuated by encounters that are essentially duets. The lyrics and songs they choose reveal a part of themselves that supports their body language.


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