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Territory: World

Bon Débarras



Bon Débarras takes you on a whirlwind musical journey through various communities from which they have drawn their inspiration, including Québec, Acadia and Louisiana. Feet stomping, hand clapping, leg slapping and full-on singing are to be expected from both performers and the audience alike. Presented in schools and various children’s festivals throughout Canada and France, this show, with its songs, tales, lilting and called dances, will not fail to move you and give you a spring in your step.

6 - 12 years old

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Territoire: Monde
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Grand Poney
ON / OFF  12 - 17


ON / OFF is a dance work designed for teenagers

and adults where a quintet of dancers performs on

an unusual and wondrous machine: an oversized


On this rolling and confining surface, physical

movement is both restrained and ecstatic, exhilarated

and acrobatic. Together and alone, the performers

address themes such as identity, self fulfillment,

determination, coexistence, freedom, exhaustion and

the unending feelings and sensations that makeup

the complexity of life. The treadmill is a meeting place

where the characters seek to understand their place

in the world. Sometimes at the mercy, sometimes

in control of this intriguing, unpredictable and

mobilizing machine, they play with time and suspend

actions in space in order to dig out the details of

gestures, questions and interactions. The forever

forward moving device becomes a metaphor for the

passage from childhood to adulthood. It is the path

that we choose to travel and the life that we learn

to tame.


Territory: World

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Grand Poney
ON / OFF  12 - 17

Cirque Collini has been performing for over 7 years, both on stage and at festivals and corporate events. It offers professional entertainment and shows throughout Abitibi-Témiscamingue and elsewhere in Quebec.

Cirque Collini's artistic approach favors total immersion of spectators in the worlds they create. Cirque Collini does everything in its power to create a meeting point between the imaginary and the real. The addition of theater and music is an integral part of their work, which stands out for its closeness to the audience. Their approach is both accessible and humane.


Cirque Collini was born in 2016 in Rouyn-Noranda with the creation of the show "Le Cirque des frères Collini" presented at the Agora des Arts. This show was presented several times between 2017 and 2019, each time to packed houses. It is this creation that has enabled the circus to carve out an important place for itself in the Temiscamingue cultural offering, while contributing to the development of this type of art in the region.

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Territoire: Monde

Grand Poney
ON / OFF  12 - 17


Creation 2017 / 50min / 3 Dancers

Audiences: 6 à 12 ans + All ages

Wordless (except for a few passages in French)

Quand tu me regardes is the first piece by the Corpuscule Danse company dedicated to a young audience, and is an encounter between dance and object theater. It is aimed at 6-12 year-olds, but is also open to all audiences.


Faithful to its mission, and backed by a long experience in integrated/inclusive dance, Corpuscule Danse here tackles the notion of belonging to the body and its extensions, which are often essential to mobility when you're disabled.


Through playful and visual elements, between construction and deconstruction, the piece proposes a reflection on difference and the way we look at it. Our three acolytes navigate a playful and poetic space alongside wheelchairs, which in turn take on a life of their own, transforming themselves into entities.  

Bryan Perro & Michel Bordeleau

(available only in French)  14 - 17


Plongez dans l'univers de deux villages d'une autre époque, se faisant rivalité aux abords de la Rivière Saint-Maurice. De chaque côté de la rive, deux enfants mystérieux sèment l'émoi par leurs étranges facultés, celles de cracher de l'or et de l'argent. Sur la neige recouvrant les villages de bûcherons et de draveurs comme sous la glace de la grande rivière aux eaux noires et profondes, le diable attend patiemment que ses germes de haine croissent et fleurissent.

Aussi, la terrible histoire de l’avare du St-Maurice, puis celle du génial maire de St-Eustache qui sauva les patriotes cachés dans son fief ! Et que dire de ce conte de fées qui tourne au roman érotique puis de l’histoire des filles qui ont carriotté ! Carrioquoi ? Carriotté, je vous dis ! 

Perro et Bordeleau en spectacle, que du bonheur !

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